Healthy Food Catering-Is It Possible?

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Cooking for a Crowd? Consider Catering in Charlotte, NC

Even for the most committed home cook, hosting a holiday or event can be a major undertaking. A far cry from the easy weekday meals that have become our staples, preparing enough food for a crowd that meets everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions is easier said than done. This is even true in the most discerning homes ranging from Southern home cooks to catering in Charlotte, NC.

Catering in Charlotte, NC

The Catering in Charlotte, NC service is created for those that are pride on southern food, and Upfresh Kitche is a greate Catering up to the expectations. Many of us may be more accustomed to enjoying healthy, convenient meal prep kits delivered to our doors each week, but in many ways, catering can be the smart choice for feeding a crowd.

Why Order Catering in Charlotte NC?

Many of us are already familiar with ordered-in office lunches and catering tables at conferences and events. However, whether to order catering in Charlotte, NC is not just a question for professionals sitting around a conference table. It’s also a fair consideration for your next holiday party or special event. This is particularly true when considering the increasing diversity of dietary restrictions and known food allergies.

Catering Can Mean Something for Everyone

After a generation of studies on what people eat and why one thing is becoming abundantly clear: consumer food tastes are changing. This is particularly true among young people. One recent study found that about 1 out of every four millennials identifies as either vegetarian or vegan.

There is also an increasing preference for organic food, particularly among parents buying groceries for young children. Restaurants and commercial kitchens are responding to this trend by offering an increasing variety of healthier menu options.

In one poll conducted by the National Restaurant Association, a majority of adults expressed a belief that today’s menus offer healthier options than they did in the past. So, the next time you’re racking your brain for what sorts of vegetarian options you can serve at your next Memorial Day BBQ or Thanksgiving feast, consider catering. The city is full of people with different tastes, and catering could be the best way to make sure you’ve got something for everyone.

Allergen-Free Food for Catering in Charlotte NC

Over the past few decades, the incidence of food allergies has been on the rise. This is true for both children and adults. Many people suffer from life-threatening reactions to common foods like dairy, sesame, peanuts, eggs, and seafood. The reason why food allergies are becoming more common and severe than ever remains unknown.

While individuals afflicted by food allergies may be able to keep themselves safe by eating restricted diets, even traces of trigger foods can be dangerous to people who are highly allergic. As a result, food purity is critical to ensuring their safety.

Food from commercial kitchens is closely inspected for purity, and facilities are designed to avoid cross-contamination. Workstations, cutting boards, utensils, and all preparation surfaces must be regularly cleaned and sanitized. Kitchen staff and servers are carefully trained to know how to deal with food allergens and what special steps need to be taken to prepare an allergy-safe order.

If you have any reason to be concerned about food allergies, ordering catering in Charlotte, NC from an allergy-safe commercial establishment could be a prudent step.

When is it a Good Idea to Order Catering?

Order catering for any event that will require food service to a large number of guests that can be planned well in advance. Unlike the dedicated home chef making a Christmas Eve trip to a crowded grocery store, catering professionals take care of all the details well in advance. Perfect for reunions and corporate seminars!

Weddings Catering

Many people planning their weddings look forward to one of the most important days of their lives. Regardless of whether the event is intended as a close gathering of family and friends or a formal gala, any wedding typically requires extensive planning. From a closely curated guest list to a dutifully considered gift policy, prospective spouses and their planners have a lot to think about already. Why worry about cooking for a massive crowd?

In addition to having the wedding itself catered, consider other wedding-related events that could use a few plates of professionally prepared food. The guests at your next bridal shower or bachelor party would probably appreciate hot, fresh food ready for them when they arrive. However, be forewarned: because they are typically so complicated, many caterers request a full year’s notice before they commit to serving a wedding.

Holidays Catering

Between Halloween and Easter, most home cooks face a long stretch of holiday feasts.  Whether you’re looking for something more exotic than the traditional Thanksgiving turkey (a Peking duck, perhaps?) or a new spin on the same-old Christmas roast, ordering catering can be a great way to take off the pressure and improve the quality of your holiday meals.

Sporting Events and Watch Parties Catering

Sports fans may not be able to agree on their favorite team, but they can surely agree that just about any sporting event is improved with hot, fresh food. Thanks to great catering, Charlotte NC home cooks can both upgrade the experience at their next sporting event and eliminate the awkward question of who’s running out for pizza and wings during halftime. That can be a “win-win”.

Whether you’re catching the weekly Premier League soccer game with friends or hosting a massive annual event like a viewing party for the Super Bowl or the World Series, an impressive spread of catered food can help win you some points with your friends and family. But what about your local co-ed softball team? Or the ultimate frisbee league you joined once COVID restrictions eased up? Or how about your kids’ next soccer tournament? Any of these events offer a prime opportunity to treat your friends and family to something special. Catering in Charlotte, NC can be the answer!

Is Catering the Right Choice for Me?

Whether catering is the right choice for you depends on how large of a group you may be hosting, their dietary preferences, and how busy you may be with other responsibilities and activities. Most days, the fresh and healthy food that comes prepped and ready through your UpFresh Kitchen meal prep will be more than enough for your household. However, for special events, consider catering. This is especially true for the variety of tastes and interests. After all, what’s wrong with letting someone else do the cooking for a change? Check out catering in Charlotte, NC!

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