Is UpFresh Kitchen locally-sourced?

We use locally sourced ingredients when seasonally possible and always choose local when available. 

How do I know what comes in my meals? 

You can find a description of ingredients, calories, and macronutrients of each of our meals both online and on the meal packaging. We also list any allergies such as nuts, milk, dairy, etc., as well as if the meal is gluten-free and/or dairy-free. (We also list weight watchers points!)

Can I customize my meals?

Yes! Simply customize meals and modify ingredients using our online ordering system, then pick up your fresh meal from the restaurant when you’re done. Unfortunately, we do not offer custom meals for our drop off to our pickup location partners.

Does UpFresh Kitchen offer subscription options?

Not right now, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned!

I missed my order deadline. Can I still purchase my UpFresh meals for the week? 

Absolutely. Pick up a Grab n Go meal prep at any of our restaurant locations or you can order meal prep for pickup from our restaurants any day Of the week from our restaurant menu! 

When should I place my meal prep order for the week?

Orders can be placed every week by Wednesday at 1 pm for pickup the following Sunday or Monday depending on your pickup location. We make our home deliveries every Sunday.

When can I pick up my weekly meal prep order?

You can pick up your meals every Sunday at our storefront. Pickup for partner location is Sunday or Monday and varies by location. The hours for pickup are listed when you checkout! If you forget to pick up you can always pick up later in the week. Give us a call at one of our UpFresh Kitchen locations if you have any questions!