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Healthy Food Delivery Charlotte

by | Dec 28, 2020 | General News


Charlotte Has the Answer for Fresh Food Delivery

Gone are the days when the doorbell rings once in a blue moon for a random package delivery. Our walkways, porches, mail rooms and front desks are now inundated with everything we could possibly need, want or impromptu-buy off the internet, delivered straight to our doors – and quickly.

There is a new appreciation for delivery services – especially ones we had not tried before.

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Food delivery has been a mainstay for years. Who hasn’t ordered a pizza for delivery? In these times, consumers have continued with their typical orders for takeout or delivery from restaurants; but even more remarkable has been the dramatic increase in grocery and other retail food deliveries.

An example of where we are motivated to create not only a healthy restaurant in Charlotte but also a viable model for fresh food delivery is UpFresh Kitchen, where “eating healthy never tasted so good.” For those who are less familiar with the UpFresh Kitchen brand, think about what it would be like to have a well-thought out, nutritious, delicious meal delivered straight to your door, or even better — plan for the week – and have meals at the ready whenever you want them.

UpFresh Kitchen was founded by an RN who wanted to help improve the poor eating habits by providing healthier options to his fellow healthcare workers who were so busy working, they didn’t have time to eat well. This isn’t something that is unique to the healthcare field, though. In fact, the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health tells us that long work hours and time constraints are real barriers to healthful eating for just about everyone.  It is who we are as Americans – we are constantly busy. But we are catching on to the idea that busy lives don’t have to translate into poor diets.

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According to S&P Global, nearly 60% of people said they have not increased the number of restaurant take-out orders since the pandemic, and prefer to go to the market. One might expect the opposite to be true, but if we look further into consumer trends for food choices, the answer is quite clear.

Typical takeout includes fast-food, or Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), as they are known in the industry, recognized for its convenience, but not necessarily its nutritional value. But today’s consumers are making healthier food choices, and for many, that means that typical food delivery from fast food restaurants is quite literally off the table.

The good news is that, especially in Charlotte, there are real options for healthy food delivery in Charlotte and fresh food delivery. Let’s look at what consumers really want to eat.

The global health and wellness foods industry is a booming $2 billion market. Consumers have made the correlation between healthful eating and overall health benefits including weight maintenance, heart health, diabetes prevention, bone strength and even mood and energy levels. According to a recent survey, 93% of consumers want to make healthier food choices at least part of the time, and 63% want to eat better most of the time. The five healthy food categories addressed in the survey consisted of:

  • Natural (nothing artificial, less preservatives, etc)
  • Ethical (sustainably sourced, locally produced)
  • Enhanced (protein-rich, antioxidants, “good” fats)
  • Less of (salt, fat, sugarfree)
  • Alternative diet (plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc)

That seems like a lot of complicated options to try and fit into one diet, but quite the contrary. In many cases, each of the above categories overlap. It is perfectly acceptable to expect an item in the natural category to also be gluten-free, for example.

Now, make options like those available for delivery and suddenly eating “takeout” is a whole new ballgame!

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Upfresh Kitchen Charlotte food delivery service is the perfect way to enjoy freshly prepared, nutrient-packed meals when you need a healthy break from your busy schedule.

And it’s why UpFresh Kitchen is the answer if you are searching “fresh food delivery” or “healthy food in Charlotte.” It’s a great feeling to know the next time that doorbell rings, a delicious, nutritious meal could be waiting on the other side.

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