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What to Look For in Healthy Restaurants Near Me


Some days cooking just feels like the least desirable thing to do after a long day.

So the device comes out and the search begins for the nearest and quickest options found for restaurant delivery.

Here’s the challenge for many in moments like these – while speed and convenience are important, so is the desire to make a healthy choice when it’s time to order. The good news is that with many of the cuisine categories now available to choose from, more and more options exist to support a healthy lifestyle.

It may come as a surprise when searching for “healthy restaurants near me,” just how many may come up in the results. So what are some ingredients, preparations and types of dishes to look out for when seeking out healthy restaurant delivery? Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Skinless chicken, fish, lean meat
  • Whole-grain bread, rice and pasta
  • Grilled, sautéed, roasted, steamed, baked, and poached preparations
  • A la carte, light menu options
  • Condiments and toppings on the side (such as mayo, salad dressing)
  • Baked potato or side salad
  • Broth-based soup with plenty of vegetables
  • Black beans
  • Guacamole and pico de gallo
  • Light sauces flavored with herbs and spices
  • Fresh fruit and fruit-based desserts

Using these qualities as a starting point, the odds of sitting down to a meal that lines up with the health goals and dietary needs of busy families and working professionals look much more favorable.

Healthy Restaurant Delivery Solved with Meal Prep Services

Taking healthy restaurant delivery one step further are meal prep services, like the ones offered from UpFresh Kitchen. Signing up for the service is a matter of a few simple steps.

  • Customize the quantity and combination of weekly meals
  • Confirm preferences for delivery, pick up or drop off at a partnering business nearby
  • Enjoy a week’s worth of fully cooked, portioned and packaged meals in microwavable, freezable containers

Meals stay fresh for up to five days in the fridge and can be frozen to grab and reheat later. As a result, a good chunk of time is freed up each week now that most or all meals have been decided.

It’s no wonder that 84% of Americans who purchase online-meal kits are on a subscription model. And while meal kits save the trip to the grocery store, the components of each meal still take time to put together. With meal prep delivery, all items are ready to go to be enjoyed hot or cold.

Ordering with Nutrition in Mind

When looking for “healthy restaurants near me,” at first glance some dishes may appear to be lower in calories, salt and unhealthy fats yet are actually not as healthy as one may assume. Here is where taking a closer look at nutrition facts comes into play, and making sure they’re available to view in the first place.

Also looking for alternatives such as cauliflower rice, black beans and other legumes in bowls and chilis, along with nutrient-dense foods like sweet potatoes, aid in confidently selecting which meals are must-haves for the household.

At UpFresh Kitchen, dishes are broken out into categories like gluten-free, dairy-free and Keto with the latest nutrition facts just a click away. Making choices with nutrition in mind becomes a much easier task when the numbers and percentages are broken down in plain view.

Healthy Restaurant Options Abound

With optimum health on many Americans’ minds now more than ever, the demand for products, services, foods and beverages that contribute to greater vitality and longevity is apparent. We see it daily online and in other media, advertising, packaging and personal stories shared through social channels.

Heeding the call, restaurateurs and franchises with health-focused concepts are stepping up to meet this way of life, and be a go-to resource for the more wholesome journey of many Americans.

Founded in 2017 by a registered nurse and nutrition coach, UpFresh Kitchen began with this very goal in mind: to help others easily obtain the nutrition they need and want most.

With transparency as a guiding value, UpFresh Kitchen shares a full description of ingredients, calories and even macronutrients included in each of the meals. Even Weight Watchers points and allergies like nut, milk and dairy are listed on the packaging and online.

When searching for “healthy restaurants near me,” checking on the availability of this kind of information gives consumers a good idea upfront if that particular establishment will be the right choice, whether for one or many meals to come.

Putting Quality Ingredients First

Having food speedily arrive at the door is, of course, an important aspect of healthy restaurant delivery. The quality of the ingredients that have been put into the order, elevating the entire experience, taking it from just fast and adequate to convenient and delicious.

Now with more expanded offerings than ever, taking a formerly indulgent dish and making a few simple swaps, such as zucchini or squash “noodles” versus traditional white pasta, can make taking out or delivery a healthier pursuit.

If meal prep services are looking like a viable option to free up the time constraints of a busy lifestyle, be sure to look closely at the quality of ingredients available so maintaining a healthy diet continues to be an achievable goal.

To Sum Up

Taking quality ingredients, healthy options and convenience into account, choosing the best options when it comes to healthy restaurants in charlotte from which to order becomes a streamlined process.

Knowing meals can be customized like those UpFresh Kitchen offers its customers to accommodate for allergies or specific dietary needs provides peace of mind in planning out meals for the week.

UpFresh Kitchen is happy to offer Healthy restaurants delivery near:

Whether picking up food to go or opting for delivery when looking for “healthy restaurants near me,” understanding the types of preparations and customizations to look out for provides a significant advantage in making choices that can fuel a healthy lifestyle.







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