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How Does Weekly Meal Prep Delivery Work?

by | May 5, 2021 | Healthy Meal Prep

Meal Prep Delivery

If a paying more attention to what you eat is on the goal list for this year, exploring a meal prep delivery service may create a significant boost toward realizing this goal. Not sure where to begin in the search for prepared meal delivery near Charlotte that offers high-quality cuisine? One of the immediate results that may pop up when starting to look around is UpFresh Kitchen.

UpFresh Kitchen walks customers through a few short steps to get started, and simplifies the process of weekly meal delivery by offering:

  • An array of health-conscious choices
  • The convenience of ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat meals delivered right to the front door
  • Specific instructions on how best to keep fresh and serve

Some services may require a subscription, contract or minimum number of meals, so be sure to read the details and delivery requirements before signing up.

Other factors to consider when choosing a meal prep delivery service are the types of meals offered, whether the dishes are microwaveable, how the items stand up in the freezer, and if the meals be customized to accommodate for any allergies or dietary needs.

Ready to get started? Let’s take a closer look at the ins-and-outs of weekly meal prep delivery and what makes this service a winning solution for creating a healthier way of life.

Making Health-conscious Eating Easier with Weekly Meal Delivery

Between 2020 and 2027, the global meal kit delivery services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8%. Contributing to this significant growth in a relatively short span of time are millennials, who make wellness a priority and time an even greater one. In fact, 29% of this segment of the population has tried meal kit services!  Meal prep delivery addresses both priorities, by eliminating or greatly decreasing the need to shop for a wide variety of ingredients each week.

Pre-portioned, minimally processed meals to stock the fridge and that can be delivered can be a great option for many busy professionals and young families, protective of the precious number of nonworking hours to enjoy each week.

Another benefit of prepared meal delivery can be greater transparency about amounts of fat, salt and sugar that can easily skyrocket in more commercially prepared foods. Peace of mind and a greater sense of control over dietary choices makes weekly meal delivery an even more appetizing option.

On the Menu: Plentiful Options

When it comes to adding in healthier options to a diet and making those new habits stick, having an abundance of different recipes and options is key. Meal prep delivery services like those offered by UpFresh Kitchen do just that.

In addition to dishes specific to the time of day, UpFresh Kitchen focuses on
customization to best serve a variety of health-conscious customers and those who must adhere to a specialized diet. Included in UpFresh Kitchen’s weekly meal delivery choices are Keto, dairy- and gluten-free options.

Prepared Meal Delivery Offers More than Convenience

Meal prep delivery services are viewed in a positive light by a large majority of Americans – 81% according to USA Today – who perceive prepared meal delivery to be healthier than restaurant food.

But everyone craves convenience and value, too. There is more to the obvious health-related benefits to meal prep delivery service than may initially meet the eye.

Looking at the dollars and cents when comparing average prices of traditional take-out and dining out at a restaurant, there are also cost-saving perks to choosing weekly meal delivery.

While dining out here and there and on special occasions may not break the bank, doing so on a daily or semi-daily basis can swiftly cause an alarmingly noticeable dent in the wallet.

The quick and easy default of eating out or grabbing take out loses some luster when compared to the same convenience one can find through meal prep delivery, which allows customers to save money and enjoy more healthful, convenient meals.

Take Meal Planning Off the Plate

Once the meal prep delivery decision has been made, the journey from ordering to mealtime is a swift one. UpFresh Kitchen, for example, provides new customers with a few simple steps from ordering to scheduling home delivery.

And because meals are prepared in advance, the added ease of conscious eating without the worry of meal planning, grocery shopping and holding space in the fridge for those easily forgotten leftovers makes feeding the household a breeze.

Let’s face it – meal planning can often revolve around a handful of tried-and-true recipes that may once have been the most requested but have now become ho-hum, prompting the “oh, we’re having that again?” chorus.

Weekly meal delivery not only takes the guesswork out what to eat, but offers the flexibility to keep things fresh with new tastes and foods to try, which may help broaden the flavor horizon.

Healthful, Flavor Packed Dishes to Feel Good About

Now that the time bank is brimming with an added deposit of hours in the week that can be spent out of the kitchen, sitting down to enjoy a health-conscious meal any time of day becomes more enjoyable.

Thanks to a weekly prep delivery service, busy families and professionals can remove the stress and worry of finding time to shop and cook and add freshly prepared dishes to the fridge to grab morning, noon or night.

For weeks or special occasions when there may be a few extra hungry mouths to feed, orders can be easily adjusted with items like bulk vegetables and bountiful side dishes ideal for groups and gatherings.

As more and more Americans place overall health and a diet that helps support a healthy lifestyle along with time saving strategies as top priorities, the demand for prepared meal delivery is only going up from here. It’s no wonder that by 2022, the meal kit delivery industry is estimated to be worth $11.6 billion.







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